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Teach Your Pregnant Clients How to Help Prevent and Restore Diastasis Recti
Relieve Other Pregnancy-Related Ailments.

How does Hug the Baby - Free the Baby prevent or restore a diastasis recti?

DR can be restored through healthy movement patterns that are set forth with proper supportive posture. 
Hugging the Baby teaches the fundamentals of proper posture necessary in preventing or restoring a rectus abdominus split.
this guide will 
give you step-by-step, detailed instructions on how to teach your pregnant clients Hug the Baby and Free the Baby. 
Hugging the Baby offers women the opportunity to condition their core, and work on their posture during pregnancy - safely and effectively 
In printable PDF form, this guide includes:
-A detailed copy for you, 
-A client copy with room for you to write notes, and add your contact information.
-Benefits to this Concept
-Recommended Resources for learning more about Diastasis Recti and other pregnancy specific issues. 

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